Discover a new vision

Printle aims to share passion for a 3D world


Printle is THE guarantee to get incredible figurines, enhancing soul of models


Printle range is one of the largest in 3D models :

- >   2 900 models on Sketchfab

- >   5 800 models on Sculpteo

- > 17 000 models on Shapeways

- >   2 500 models on Turbosquid

- >      300 models on CG Trader


We implement Famous people models in Shapeways (F series) and have already more than 500 models in various scales.

We also have created a new range of medals, rings and others objects in Shapeways with Cosmiton trademark => Have a look HERE


Find in the next pages the material used for Bodyscanning, and the informations relatives to RGDP (how we treat your personnal data).


Let's share projects !

MakerFaire Paris in November !