Discover a new vision

We aim to share passion for the new 3D world with our brand PRINTLE


Printle is THE guarantee to get incredible figurines, enhancing soul of models


Printle range is one of the largest in 3D models :

- >          5 models on

- >   6 300 models on Sculpteo

- > 21 800 models on Shapeways

- >   2 500 models on Turbosquid

- >      520 models on CG Trader


We implement Famous people models in Shapeways (F series) with already more than 500 celebrities in various scales,objects & animals in Thing range.

We also have created a range of medals, rings, necklaces and others objects in Shapeways with Cosmiton trademark => Have a look HERE


Find in the next pages the material used for Bodyscanning and how to contact the team.


Let's share projects !

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